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We strive to make photo day not only fun for the kids, but easy and fun for the parents as well. With over eight years experience and hundreds of teams shot, we have developed the following as a guide to make photo day run smoothly. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We normally will photograph each player and the team in at least two different poses, time permitting. Let us know ahead of time if this will not work for your team, or if you have particular requests.

An Event Photographer is someone who specializes in shooting special events and/or sports. Their skill set is different than a portrait photographer in many ways. Event photographers understand lighting in uncontrolled environments such as the outdoors or in arenas. They also understand the anatomy of your event or how to capture the action of a sport. These photographers are also equipped to print and sell photos on-site, offer a variety of product choices and in many cases, will offer green screen technology.
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If you wait till after the event the prices will go up to cover post, storage and extra costs. 

Do not miss a chance to have your family or team captured forever professionally with a digital photo sent directly to your email fast and ready for printing, sharing with friends and social media.