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Corporate Video: Your business’s most powerful communication tool.

Corporate Video gets your message to your audience, but beware, there are two ways to go with your corporate video.

The right way – produce a video that works for your customers and clients – let them see you’re a good company to deal with, let your clients and staff do the talking.

The wrong way – produce a video that works for the CEO and management – make them feel good and gives them all a chance get in front of the camera to speak.

What should corporate video feel like?

If your corporate video looks like ‘corporate video’ you’ve wasted your money. Today’s corporate video should feel like a broadcast documentary, it should be as engaging as good TV.

We’ve all had to sit through one of those high energy, high power corporates, but with new technology and thorough storytelling it’s now just as much about content as it is visuals. A well planned video will get your message across with simplicity and leave the viewer knowing exactly what it is you’re promoting.

Remember, simple and effective are the key to gaining your viewer’s attention.

How do you use corporate videos?

You can use it for:

Direct Mail DVD, DVD Brochures, DVD Business Cards, DVD Catalogues, Exhibition Giveaways, E-Magazine Inserts, Video Newsletters, Product Demonstrations, Website Presentations, Sales Lead Generation and Follow Up, Testimonials, and of course, Viral Advertising.

Next to you, a corporate video is the best business communication tool. It sells and informs endlessly.

Planning your corporate video:

Planning a video is a process.

Pre-Production: What do want your corporate video to communicate? How much is this communication worth to your business? These questions are the key to determining the style and complexity of your video. Planning, scripting, and storyboarding, like the film industry, are all absolutely necessary to obtaining the message you’re trying to relay.

Production: The actual filming and content or the “gut” of your video. This is where planning comes to action. Plan the Shoot. Shoot the Plan.

Post-Production: The footage is taken into the cutting room and edited, along with music, graphics and titling to give your video a slick professional slick. The final product will be consistent with the design of your business, and formatted for web and/or dvd.

How do you keep the viewer interested in the video?

A video will only work for your company if it is watched. Statistics show that only 10% of videos loaded are completed.

The most important two things in a video are content and emotion. The content moves information, and emotion makes the viewer feel something while watching the video.

Visual aesthetics and graphics are applied based on the design of your website or business profile.

Lastly, we keep the videos short. No one, and we mean no one, will watch a 10 minute video.

1-2 minutes keeps the viewer interested, and relaying the message in 30 seconds is crucial to understanding your message.

Do we travel? What is the cost?

We have and always will travel internationally. Accommodation and expenses will be paid for, but we are willing to work a reasonable rate for the product.

Do you combine packages to include photography, videography and web design?

We recommend going with everything in a package because the design in all three will be consistent with each other and the vision of your company. It’s simple, easy and makes the design totally customizable. And as a bonus, we specialize in treating sites with built in SEO management so you consistently get more traffic on a month to month basis.

Quantity vs. Quality?

This is a classic argument in this field. Many people believe that faster keeps the client happy and quality lasts longer. Lucky for you, we happen to do both. And fast. Our turnaround is guaranteed to keep you happy, and maintain the high quality standard your company deserves.

Whatever your on-site event photography or videography needs we will be happy to help. Contact a representative today at [email protected] or call 1-604-992-3210.